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We would like to introduce our company as a supplier of the finest quality fruit and vegetables and have been selling fresh produce for well over fifty years. We have state-of-the-art facilities in the North of Scotland to store fresh produce.

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We are also the only company to employ professional buying agents who select the sweetest fruit and the most scrumptious vegetables from all over the world.

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When it is possible we purchase fresh produce from different local farms when their quality can match our standards. This leading edge gives us an advantage, where we can supply the finest superior quality fresh produce.

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Our produce is checked when it arrives and then it is stored under full temperature control. We have a strict policy for packing and when an order is completed, it is checked again by our quality control to make such all produce is packed correctly and the quality matches our class one standards.

Although our  facilities and policies are of the highest standards, we also offer an extensive back up cover plan.

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Banana Room 2 (Temp 16C)

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